The Maclately tartan

The MacLately tartan was conceived by a group of friends meeting in Rotterdam in 2013.  

The tartan was designed by Jörg Eichelberger of Germany and tweaked by Odd Henrik Brembo of Norway with the final design offerings agreed by committee. See the process of the tartan design on Kiltforum>>

The colours of the tartan were chosen to reflect the International nature of the group.  The tartan was put into production by Paul Henry (of Paul Henry Kilts London) England and the first bolt of 16oz fabric was specially woven by Marton Mills from their Jura range. 
Klick on the picture below to see the process of making the tartan and the kilts.

Paul Henry

The tartan has become the official tartan of the internet group "Kilt Forum" chaired by Robert Pel (of RKilts Stratford) Canada, although membership of this forum or permission from them is not necessary should anyone wish to use the design.  


The tartan is intended for use by anyone who likes it and there are no restrictions.  It is especially suitable for persons without a named tartan of their own or who are, on occasion, either by accident or design, not partcularly punctual.


MacLately tartan

The MacLately tartan

The designer, Jörg MacLately

If you like to buy a MacLately kilt, scarf or other MacLately tartan products, we recomend that you contact Paul Henry. You will find his contact info on his websites