The MacLately Clan Crest

 The crest depicts a peacock inside a scottish chieftain belt. The Clans motto "Beter laat dan nooit" is written on the belt. It's Dutsh and means "Better late than
never". The tip of the belt has the Roman inscription "XXVI". This symbolizes the 26 minutes lateness that started the idea of the Clan MacLately. Read the post on Kiltforum where the Crest evolved>>
Although the crest has the shape of a Scottish Clan crest, the Maclately clan is not a 
Scottish clan and do not fall in under the rules and system of Scottish clans..
The Peacock symbolizes the making of the first original kilts in the MacLately tartan which are made by Paul Henry kilts. On a certain kilt forum, not to be named here, members with kilts made by Paul Henry, formed a "underground" club called PHKOC (Peacock). This was discussed on The Kiltforum and this symbolic idea was adopted by the MacLately clan. All of the original MacLately kilts has a peacock kilt pin. Read more about this story on Kiltforum>>

The Yorkshire rose is another important symbol for the MacLately clan. The MacLately kilts was officially dispayed and worn for the first time at the 2. Gathering in York. Some of the clansmen wears the Yorkshire rose pin in honor of this important event.