Welcome to the Clan MacLately

This is the official website for the Clan MacLately. The friendly, open minded clan for everyone that likes kilts, tartan and Scottish culture.

A Clan member summed it up this way:

"A bunch of men and women for which borders have no meaning. 
But were open minded friendship is of the utmost importance! 
This is what the world should be.
And the most amazing part of the story is: it's all because of the Kilt!"

                                                    Geert MacLately

How Clan MacLately came to be

It all started when some members of the internet group Kiltforum decided to have a get together in Rotterdam in 2013. 

During the course of the weekend which was held on board the SS Rotterdam, a particular individual (Now the Clan Chief Dave MacLately), was persistently late to a series of social functions. 

One of these occasions, a Sunday evening dinner, his arrival at 19:26 (for a 7 o'clock start) provided the clincher that prompted the conversation that ultimately created the MacLately Clan, it's tartan and clan badge (and a good thing too). 

Have a look at the picture post in The Kiltforum from the Rotterdam Gathering >>

SS Rotterdam

The Tartan was designed through a series of discussions at The Kiltforum and it was with considerable effort that the tartan was produced and the nine original kilts were ready for the next year's Gathering in York, England. 

Have a look at the picture post in The Kiltforum from the York Gathering >>


The Clan Chief
Clan Chief Dave MacLately

Seven out of nine original MacLately kilts

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